Feeding all year round



Feeding birds in spring is important because it provides nutritious food for adult birds while they are working hard to find insects and grubs for their growing young.

Peanuts should only be fed through suitable feeders. Never put out loose whole peanuts, dry hard foods or large chunks of bread during the spring or early summer as the chicks can choke on them. 



During summer, when the ground begins to harden and natural feeds that birds eat  like earth worms go deeper underground, feeding a high protein food is recommended. Good hygiene is extremely important during warm months so make sure your feeders are cleaned regularly. 



Put out food and water regularly, the extra food will help the birds prepare for their autumn moult (when they renew their feathers) and challenges of the upcoming winter months. Migratory birds need extra food to build body weight for the long flights ahead. 



 The cold winter months bring their own set of hardship with snow, frost and strong winds making food hard to find. Birds need high energy (high fat)  foods such as suet balls and sunflower seeds during this time of year. Some smaller birds need to eat 30-40% of their body weight daily to survive the winter. Do not forget to put out fresh water as birds will find it hsrd to find in freezing weather.

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